This Is Me

Hi everybody!

I’m so excited to be back.  I said we were going to go places, and then I got terribly stuck.  First, I got sick for like two months and just totally checked out of life.  Then I didn’t really know where to start.  Maybe you can relate.  Well, the best place to start is always here. So I figured it’s about time you knew a thing or two about Me.

My name is Nicki, and I’m an aspiring writer.  They say you should “write what you know.” It’s just that I don’t know much of anything.  My work has always been pretty basic, and I’ve done a lot of different types of it.  I’ve prioritized my creative outlets at the expense of my professional pursuits.  Creative work that provides the means to sustain a person is hard to come by for regular people that live in regular places, especially if that person has little education.  By regular, I mean not much exposure to bigger opportunities.

Anyway, I would never consider that a roadblock for anyone else.  Like someone with kids, or anything else that people find interesting- or relate-able. I’m 36 with no kids, and I’ve let that fact hold me back.  As if it’s children or a husband that give life meaning and purpose.  By the way, I’m divorced.  The main thing about me is that I truly love Jesus.  I mean seriously.  I’m crazy for Him!  But I’m no expert on faith.  By any means, whatsoever.  I do read a lot however.  A lot.  I really love books.

I’ve even written one of my own, that I’ll never do anything at all with.  It wasn’t God’s plan. We’ll probably talk more about that later.  What really matters now is that I’m writing another.  And it’s one He’s writing for me.  I’m really excited to be unfolding that journey.  So that leaves us here.  And in case I haven’t said so, I’m super glad you’re here!

See you soon

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