The Something I Know

This is what I do know.  This is why I write.  In a thousand different little, and not so little, ways God has said to me this: “Tell your story.”  All my life, my questions have been, first, “What story?” and then the inevitable, “But why?” and, “Are you sure You’re talking to me?”  Which of course He faithfully answers with the ever so helpful affirmations, “Just trust Me,” and “Yes, you.”

I guess I thought I would write when I finally found the answers to all of my riddles. I looked for them everywhere.  And I was convinced that my problem was a matter of location.  That it would all come together when I arrived long last at this undetermined location that I’ve spent my life seeking.

Lately I’m running into more sophisticated questions like,”But how?” and, “To who?”  But as I’ve leaned into the answers that were there all along, this is what I’ve come to discover.  He works out the how when I trust Him with now, in the here.  Right here with you.  As I learn to trust Him, while He leads me through one word at a time.  Just telling my story, choppy and awkward, over and over.  To anyone, to everyone.

That’s how you become my who, and I become a writer.

There’s an extraordinary brilliance in the ordinary sharing of a life touched by God.  In mine, and in yours.  This is what I know, and that’s why I write.  It’s our call.  We get to share the unspeakable glory.  That which is hidden in smallness.  Small but meaningful, over and over again, connections.  The same people.  The same stories.  We connect them.  In our everyday routines.  Our smallness becomes a powerful force.  When we know the people we already know.  So we practice.

I write to become better at that.

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