Are You Hiding Too?

On the outside, it may not look so much like I struggle.  But trust me.  I do.  I’m more naturally an introvert, meaning internal.  ~Inwardly bent.~  You may not see it.  But the struggles are there.  They’re just hiding from us.  To be clear, us includes me. 

That’s why  it’s monumentally important for me to connect.   Now wait for it… On purpose.  I need you guys, and others to do life alongside me.  If only for this one invaluable reason.  You expose me.  To me.

I can’t address what I don’t even see, much less confess it.  And missing out on that would cost me something I truly can’t afford to miss out on.


So its awkward.  I’m awkward.  But I must.  I must get out of my head.  And connect.  I owe it to myself.  And I owe it to Christ.  He gave me His life.  For exactly this.

Don’t miss out on the good stuff, my friends!  Grace is where the best stuff in life comes to life.

It’s here that I seize VICTORY!

Over myself.  And my faults.  I don’t have to live in bondage.  To me.  Or to anything else.

And you don’t either!

Grace is free.  Let’s not sell ourselves short of it, Friends.  We’re in this thing together.  Let us lean into that fact.

Even if it is a fight, let us fight the good fight, of faith.  Faith in what Jesus can do when we trust Him enough to join hands with the “one anothers” within our own reach.  They’re there.  They’re everywhere… If we look for them.  And reach out to them.

Chances are, they’re fighting too.  You may not see it.  But we’re all fighting something.

Sometimes, if we don’t push back against those thoughts in our heads, we very easily fall into the trap of fighting each other.  And that’s just what our enemy would love for us to do.  If that’s you, please allow me to warn you.  There’s very grave danger in fighting the wrong fight.  I am 100% on your side of this battle we wage in our heads.  I don’t want you to miss out on the freedom God has for you!  You’ll find it in grace. Grace that our enemy would rather we didn’t know we need.

Let me encourage you with all the love I have in me to push back against that impulse to hide.  Come out and play.  Do life with your friends.  Your sisters in Christ.  Fight the good fight.  It’s a fight worth the risk.

Trust me.

I’m fighting it too.

Friend, I’m here to encourage you.  There’s a whole force of sisters in your corner.  If these words stirred something up inside you, I’d love to invite you back!  Just sign up with your email, to hear more from my heart to yours, whenever God moves me to share.

You don’t have to fight alone!

So don’t.

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