How To Stop Second Guessing

Are you waiting for permission to live deeply? And true?


Consider this an invitation to submit, to the thrill of creation… within you!  It comes with one word of caution.  Don’t ignore the voice that speaks you into existence.  God’s guidance is there to preserve the very breath that IS you.  Jesus said it this way.  “What good would it be to gain the whole world, yet forfeit your soul?” Matthew 16:26

God would love nothing more than to witness you stepping into the fullness of life that He lovingly sets before you, day after day.  Don’t settle for anything less than exactly that!  Resist the urge with every fiber of being you are to shrink into lesser offers than God’s very best.  And beware.  Because there are threats on the path to your destination.

They will try to convince you there’s something better than what God has for you, on the other side of trust.  These foes don’t want you to arrive, and they’re working against you.  They’re tricky too.  But the sheep know the voice of the Shepherd, and His is the only voice you can trust.  That’s a promise.

Anything other than that knowing voice in your spirit that aligns with God’s Word and His plan is a trick.  Even if it seems right.  Don’t sell out for second best, friend.

Jump into life.  All in.  Both feet, and head first.  Go for it!

You don’t have to travel alone.  Your traveling companion knows every step of the way.  Every inch.  Just start with yourself, and let God lead the way.  To a new day!

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