Can We Be Friends?

So who are we, and why are we hiding?

Maybe it’s just in my imaginary ideas, but I envision you a lot like myself.  And for me, I feel like maybe sometimes the room just isn’t quite big enough for me to let myself into it.  Is that true for you too?

You see, I have a lot of great ideas.  They just come out a little too late to share them in a normal way.  I am the queen of after-thoughts.  Hello, it’s me again.  With one more thing to say.  After the conversation is over.  And it just goes on… forever.  It’s great.

I think I’m really funny.  Inside my head.  Of course, that’s a place where there are sound effects and my timing is great.  And the people there actually get my jokes.  In real life, that doesn’t always happen.

By far, the hardest thing for me to manage is the super scary stuff that I think to myself is definitely best kept neatly tucked away.  I keep that stuff safely hidden on the inside, where I reason that no one can use it against me.  That’s the stuff that tries to run my life.  And can I tell you something funny?  That’s the very part of me that in my own experience is the most helpful to someone else.  That’s the stuff that connects us to others.

The stuff we’re scared to let out is the part that makes our stories matter.

I’m learning to tap into that power, and that’s the magic I hope to share with you here.  You have a story, and I want to hear it.  “They overcame (the accuser) by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony…” Revelations 12:11  That’s how YOU overcome the scary stuff that wants to run your life.  You let it out, into the world.  You draw power from the blood of the Lamb.  You take cover in God’s grace, and His truth about you.

We want to hear your story.  The world wants to know you, friend.  We want to know the you that you’ve kept locked up on the inside.  Let her out!  She wants to play and make friends.  And maybe tell a joke that doesn’t quite land.  Or even braver than that, maybe she has a really sad story to tell that people may not understand.  She might need to invite someone into her pain so she doesn’t feel so alone anymore.

We’re not called to carry our burdens alone.  We’re made for community.  Everybody needs a friend.

Can I be yours?

Because you’re already mine.

Thanks for stopping by, friend.  Come back soon!

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