What You Need To Know About Taking Action

Do you ever wonder where it all takes form?  Where does this Christian life start to move things?  I think maybe it all dials back to relationship.  The Bible teaches us that the Word comes to life in practice.  “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves.  Do what is says.” James 1:22  Our relationships are where we carry that out.  We can’t practice loving God and others completely, without inviting others into our walk.  Maybe for you, that’s a challenge.  It is for me.

This is where we must persevere to see the fruit of our labor.  It serves well to establish some techniques that will help us to push through the things that are unnatural to us.  Because that’s where we tap into God’s supernatural power.  Sure, it takes a little tenacity, but this is where the good stuff starts to surface.

It might feel a bit weird at times because faith in action compels us to do strange things that may not get any feedback at all.  But it’s never wasted.  Any time that we’ve trusted God with our feet serves purpose, and has value.  He blesses that.  Whether we see it, or not.  It grows up our faith vision.  Which is really cool at night.  Meaning, it’s quite helpful when we find ourselves trekking through the dark.

Are you getting that, Friends?

Maybe you’re like me, and you catch on to things a little later than most.  I was always late to the party.  By the time I arrived, the parties were over.  I got used to doing life solo.  Maybe that’s you.  But that’s not how God calls His girls to do life.  Not anymore.  We’re His kids!  He wants to lead us into MORE.  He wants us well watered and deeply rooted in our walking with Him.  That happens more abundantly within the nourishment of healthy community.  We’re missing out if we’re doing it solo, and He wants to help!

Will you let Him?

Connection starts HERE.  It’s always right here, wherever that is for you.

Reach out to someone.  Ask God how He’d have you trust Him, to try something new.  You’ll be surprised to see how He shows up for you, Friend.  You’re His treasure.  He wants the very best for you.

Do you believe that?

His promise is true.  His promise is for YOU.

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