How to Binge Like a Boss!

I binge a lot.

I’m thinking of my niece. She’s a lot like me, and I learn a lot from her. By just watching and paying attention, I better understand myself.

By the time I show up and get into something, it’s over. I need more space. More time to get there. It’s just how I’m wired.

If I cut myself off when it’s “time,” I never go deep. I never quite make it to the places that get me excited.

And once I get going, it’s so hard to stop. Because I’m finally there. Where I’ve been trying to get all along.

Of course, then I risk burnout.

Like I said, it’s how I’m wired. All the things in my head are just hard to turn off.

I need a space where all that’s okay. And not just allowed, but encouraged. A place where after thoughts bloom.

I want it for others like me. Like my niece. A land where we thrive. I want more than to blend. I want to belong.

Do you feel it too?

Now a little disclaimer: Binging can be good things too. Things like…

  • Study.
  • Church.
  • Training for a marathon.
  • Reading books.

It’s throwing yourself all in to something that consumes you for a time. It doesn’t have to be bad. It can be transformational.

Like a cacoon.

Think immersion. Consider language study. That’s where I’m going with this.

Binging gets a bad name, but I’m for it. And I belong to a Clubhouse full of people that don’t consider that a flaw. We celebrate the things that get us excited. And we make room for others to bring their things too.

I invite you to come check it out. Come geek out with us!

See you there?

where we use what we have
to invite others in,
to all that God’s doing!

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