Lessons Learned: Spy Ninjas, Courage and Individuality

My seven year old niece LOVES the Spy Ninjas. I do NOT love the Spy Ninjas.

If you don’t know, the Spy Ninjas are YouTubers. But let’s consider them actual people we know- in real life- just for a moment.  Real people. With real personalities we either really love. Or really don’t love. See, both are okay.

No one’s going to LIKE everybody.

There’s a lesson in this for me. Maybe one for you too.

A little more context: The Spy Ninjas are a group of adults that market to kids. They’re super cheesy and off-the-charts ridiculous. WAY over the top. I doubt that’s how they act in real life at all.

BUT they’re not afraid of being silly-of feeling silly- in order to connect with their people.

They have to risk looking silly to people like me, who just don’t get it. But if they don’t, my niece and all the other Spy Ninja fans (which is a pretty massive following) will never know how much they love them.

Let’s bring it back to the real people we know. And reverse it. Pretend you’re a Spy Ninja, and people just don’t know it. People who LOVE you. But they haven’t found you yet.

When you’re afraid of being yourself. Afraid of feeling silly… or LOOKING silly, you may not realize this: But you’re playing to the people like me in this story. The people out there that just don’t get what you do.

They probably never will.

All the while, you’re missing out on the tons of people that do. They just don’t know it yet.

More than that, you’re missing out on being YOU. That’s where the gold is.

“People like me” will always be out there. No matter what role you play. It’s not right to forfeit the gold to your fear of those people.

Be a Spy Ninja. Make a scene. And BE seen.

Who cares if they get it?


At the end of the day, yours is the only OPINION that matters. The rest- at best- is fool’s gold. Maybe not even that.

Just how SHINY is your sense of approval?

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