What to Do When You’re Stuck

I generally create and engage SEPARATELY. They’re two different modes for me. One or the other. Never together.

Here’s the problem: One can’t thrive without the other.

When I attempt to create without engagement, I lack stimulation. My work becomes stale and uninspired. But engagement falls flat when I lack fresh creative fuel. I become consumed in what everyone else is doing. And lose momentum for my own projects and endeavors.

It’s a tricky thing. A balance. Because I so easily immerse myself completely into one, forgetting all about the other.

What do I DO with this information?

First, I notice it. That sounds trite, but it’s here the cycle is broken. I consider possibilities outside of the patterns I’ve known.

Next, I experiment. I try things I’m not certain will work. I share UNFINISHED things and ideas. I become willing to fail.

Because the one thing I know is that my way hasn’t worked.

Not yet.

I create things and have no one with whom to share them. Or I share with nothing to share. This can’t be right. There must be a way to bring them TOGETHER.

My way gets me thinking things I do don’t work. But maybe they do. And the wires simply need to be FUSED.

A disconnect.

So I move things around, so to speak. I start sharing on different channels. I go find people. NEW people. I find new channels. I share, and I search. Simultaneously.

This would be engagement.

Trying all these NEW things gives me brand new IDEAS. I jot them all down. Suddenly, I’m creating. At the very same time.

I share and create everywhere that I go. Things are moving.

In “When New Year’s is a Bust,” I mention things I’ve been doing awhile that are starting to work.

These are those things.

What about you? Have you been plugging away at some things that just won’t budge? No matter how hard you shove.

Notice your patterns and habits.

Try something new.

A few weeks into it, it’s like someone flipped on the light switch. I can’t imagine a time I didn’t know the things I know now. YOU’RE just one tiny tweak away from the very same thing. You just have to find that break in the wires.

But you can’t find it doing the very same things. You’re stuck in the loop. Keep things moving. And suddenly, you’ll find it. Like magic. Everything will click into place.

Feeling stuck will be a thing of the past. And you’ll use it. Just like I’m doing now.

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Pro Tip: Use your headphones, and perhaps close your eyes.

′SEE’ where you COULD be.

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