How to Fix the Scrolling Glitch

You’ve ordered the pizza. Your snacks are ready to go. You’re cozy in your jammies with your softest cuddly blanket. And the bubbly has been poured.

All you need now is a movie.

Great. In the mood for some romance? Something funny. A rom-com. Delightful. You begin your search. Full of hope. Buzzing with excitement for what you shall find.

Three hours later, your head hurts. You scroll, and you scroll. Still nothing.

Do you remember when there were only three channels? Or five? Or thirty-five? I’m telling my age. I know. But you just watched what was on. And you liked it.

You watched weird documentaries and infomercials, and got hooked on soap operas. You blocked off your schedule for prime time television. If that’s before your time, just imagine a world where your REAL friends know not to call DURING Friends. 

It was a magical time.

Funny how there’s so much MORE to watch and never anything to watch.

The Five Minute Rule:

Next time you can’t decide what to watch, just pick something. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just workable. Give yourself five minutes (or less, if you don’t need the full five) to decide if it’s a good fit. You’re not investing much time. BUT if it’s a hard no, you’re removing it from the pool of available options, which makes selection itself much easier.

Try it. My mom and I invented this approach in response to losing countless nights to the scrolling glitch. It’s not just you.

We found that, in the long run, a small investment of time to rule things out saved us immeasurable clocked hours in the land of uncertainty. Priceless.

More than that, we’ve found treasures we might otherwise have missed. Great stories. Gems. That ordinarily get lost in all the noise.

Is it possible this principle applies to MORE than finding things to watch?

Say you’re considering a new hobby or business pursuit. You can’t decide on your angle. There’s so much out there. What if you just tried something? See if it works. Or doesn’t. Move on.

You’d move forward where so far you’ve been stuck.

Apply it to whatever you like. The possibilities are endless. Stop wasting time in indecision. Weed things out. And find your treasure.

Somewhere, there’s a rare exotic ruby. Just waiting for YOU. Uncover it. One strange elimination at a time. Discover the joy of discovering again.

Happy hunting.

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