Where do I Fit in?

"Be more specific." All the experts say it. They imply that belonging is a matter of finding people like you. I don't buy it. I'm the ambassador for square pegs in a world full of round holes. I know what it is not to fit. And I desire more than anything the promised solidarity these … Continue reading Where do I Fit in?

How to Do a New Thing

About 5 years ago, I survived a very dark night that saved my life. That's a story for another time. But the following Sunday, I darkened the doorstep of my local church. It was a homecoming for me. You see, I was the backslidden Christian. I was desperate. I say these things because it was … Continue reading How to Do a New Thing

Desperately Seeking: Really Great Rest Stops

Please allow first my sincerest apologies to those of you who witnessed my fall from the face of the earth.  I've spent much of the year in fierce pursuit of an unshakable stir to unplug.  To which end- finally- I'm uncovering a most valuable life lesson. It probably begins with the fact that most of … Continue reading Desperately Seeking: Really Great Rest Stops

Would You Dream A Little Dream With Me?

You stand at the threshold of your life in action.  It's already in motion. We've been talking about the invitations, and we've identified some factors that prevent us from showing up for them.  These factors in all their forms are shaped by fear in some way.  I hope we've discovered by now that fear is … Continue reading Would You Dream A Little Dream With Me?

3 Reasons Why It’s Super Hard For Grown-Ups To Play

More than most anything else, I want to be a person that knows how to play.  But I struggle with that.  Do you? When I consider all the things I'd like to see in my life, it seems to me they're the by-products of simple play.  It's giggles and adventure.  It's the spontaneity driven by … Continue reading 3 Reasons Why It’s Super Hard For Grown-Ups To Play

Discover Your Battle Cry!

This is a battle cry.  The following words have been inspired by the #BattleReadyBook written by Kelly Balarie.  I am here.  It may not be fancy.  It may not wet your eyes with brilliant "me too" glory.  You may think I need to repent by the time that I'm finished.  And maybe I will.  But … Continue reading Discover Your Battle Cry!

Are You Hiding Too?

On the outside, it may not look so much like I struggle.  But trust me.  I do.  I'm more naturally an introvert, meaning internal.  ~Inwardly bent.~  You may not see it.  But the struggles are there.  They're just hiding from us.  To be clear, us includes me.  That's why  it's monumentally important for me to connect.   Now … Continue reading Are You Hiding Too?