How to Do a New Thing

About 5 years ago, I survived a very dark night that saved my life. That's a story for another time. But the following Sunday, I darkened the doorstep of my local church. It was a homecoming for me. You see, I was the backslidden Christian. I was desperate. I say these things because it was … Continue reading How to Do a New Thing

When Church Hurts

True confession:  Sometimes church people are rude.  Am I allowed to say that? God, I hope so. I desperately long for a place where I can sort it all out.  I need to make sense of the pain.  I am trying very hard to move past the wounds.  Are you? I am not mad.  Nor … Continue reading When Church Hurts

Desperately Seeking: Really Great Rest Stops

Please allow first my sincerest apologies to those of you who witnessed my fall from the face of the earth.  I've spent much of the year in fierce pursuit of an unshakable stir to unplug.  To which end- finally- I'm uncovering a most valuable life lesson. It probably begins with the fact that most of … Continue reading Desperately Seeking: Really Great Rest Stops

Lessons From The Lipstick Saga

Lately I've been making an effort in ways I'd forgotten.  My friend Lorrie playfully attests that she's nothing without her lipstick.  I didn't get her permission to say that, but I don't think she'll mind.  (You can can catch Lorrie saying fun stuff like that somewhere in the land of  That's her playground, and … Continue reading Lessons From The Lipstick Saga

How To Find Your People

Do you have people? This question matters, and I'll tell you why.  It's for times like this. The last couple weeks, I haven't had it in me to do a lot of showing up.  But I haven't had to.  My people did the showing up for me.  The relationships God has been building, before I … Continue reading How To Find Your People

How The Shortcuts Can Cheat You Out Of Lasting Friendship

I was kind of smart when I was a child.  Not "gifted" smart, but smart enough to be weird.  Maybe you know someone like me?  Maybe you are me.  I never did fit in, no matter how hard I tried.  And believe me.  I tried.  Oh, how I tried!  I just didn't quite fit.  I'm … Continue reading How The Shortcuts Can Cheat You Out Of Lasting Friendship

How To Turn Your Detours Into Grand Adventures

I wanted a nap, but clearly that wasn't happening.  I was confused about how to respond to what I was feeling, and I began to feel dizzy.  The children were spinning 'round and 'round.  One was screaming, the other was shouting, "Look at me!"  I decide here that quiet is necessary to recover my brain, … Continue reading How To Turn Your Detours Into Grand Adventures

Discover Your Battle Cry!

This is a battle cry.  The following words have been inspired by the #BattleReadyBook written by Kelly Balarie.  I am here.  It may not be fancy.  It may not wet your eyes with brilliant "me too" glory.  You may think I need to repent by the time that I'm finished.  And maybe I will.  But … Continue reading Discover Your Battle Cry!

Can We Be Friends?

So who are we, and why are we hiding? Maybe it's just in my imaginary ideas, but I envision you a lot like myself.  And for me, I feel like maybe sometimes the room just isn't quite big enough for me to let myself into it.  Is that true for you too? You see, I have a … Continue reading Can We Be Friends?