How To Turn Your Detours Into Grand Adventures

I wanted a nap, but clearly that wasn't happening.  I was confused about how to respond to what I was feeling, and I began to feel dizzy.  The children were spinning 'round and 'round.  One was screaming, the other was shouting, "Look at me!"  I decide here that quiet is necessary to recover my brain, … Continue reading How To Turn Your Detours Into Grand Adventures

Discover Your Battle Cry!

This is a battle cry.  The following words have been inspired by the #BattleReadyBook written by Kelly Balarie.  I am here.  It may not be fancy.  It may not wet your eyes with brilliant "me too" glory.  You may think I need to repent by the time that I'm finished.  And maybe I will.  But … Continue reading Discover Your Battle Cry!

Can We Be Friends?

So who are we, and why are we hiding? Maybe it's just in my imaginary ideas, but I envision you a lot like myself.  And for me, I feel like maybe sometimes the room just isn't quite big enough for me to let myself into it.  Is that true for you too? You see, I have a … Continue reading Can We Be Friends?