Where do I Fit in?

"Be more specific." All the experts say it. They imply that belonging is a matter of finding people like you. I don't buy it. I'm the ambassador for square pegs in a world full of round holes. I know what it is not to fit. And I desire more than anything the promised solidarity these … Continue reading Where do I Fit in?

How to Do a New Thing

About 5 years ago, I survived a very dark night that saved my life. That's a story for another time. But the following Sunday, I darkened the doorstep of my local church. It was a homecoming for me. You see, I was the backslidden Christian. I was desperate. I say these things because it was … Continue reading How to Do a New Thing

When Church Hurts

True confession:  Sometimes church people are rude.  Am I allowed to say that? God, I hope so. I desperately long for a place where I can sort it all out.  I need to make sense of the pain.  I am trying very hard to move past the wounds.  Are you? I am not mad.  Nor … Continue reading When Church Hurts

From Overwhelm to Simple Possibility

Has the overwhelm set in?  Just start somewhere. In a way, that's what I'm doing here.  With these words and this task.  The ideas have come and gone.  So has the energy they bring with them.  Can you relate? Maybe you've had it in your head to do all these things with the shiny new … Continue reading From Overwhelm to Simple Possibility

Lessons From The Lipstick Saga

Lately I've been making an effort in ways I'd forgotten.  My friend Lorrie playfully attests that she's nothing without her lipstick.  I didn't get her permission to say that, but I don't think she'll mind.  (You can can catch Lorrie saying fun stuff like that somewhere in the land of https://www.LorrieT.com/  That's her playground, and … Continue reading Lessons From The Lipstick Saga

3 Reasons Why It’s Super Hard For Grown-Ups To Play

More than most anything else, I want to be a person that knows how to play.  But I struggle with that.  Do you? When I consider all the things I'd like to see in my life, it seems to me they're the by-products of simple play.  It's giggles and adventure.  It's the spontaneity driven by … Continue reading 3 Reasons Why It’s Super Hard For Grown-Ups To Play

The Blessing of Being Battle Ready

I know what it's like to feel trapped by the limitations I build in my own mind. I'm discovering that the cure for that is stepping out. And our trials are the key. #BattleReadyBook by Kelly Balarie has challenged me to trust God's heart, and let faith lead my way in the dark.   TITLE: … Continue reading The Blessing of Being Battle Ready

The Something I Know

This is what I do know.  This is why I write.  In a thousand different little, and not so little, ways God has said to me this: "Tell your story."  All my life, my questions have been, first, "What story?" and then the inevitable, "But why?" and, "Are you sure You're talking to me?"  Which … Continue reading The Something I Know