It’s okay to take longer than everyone else.  That’s allowed.  Coming to life requires space.  There’s no need to rush it.  So hang out awhile. You are an adventure just waiting to happen.  Let’s unpack it.

Seize a story right here.  Mend a little for your big journey through life.   Browse the recent posts and even more in the categories at the bottom of the page.  You’ll find the nourishment your heart is craving to get through today.  It’s hard out there.  We could all use a friend.

A secret place inside you grows courage every time that you share.  Every time that you risk.  It’s a magical place where the nudges are gentle and brave.  Those stirrings go deep.  Follow that path to the treasure inside you.  Take your time.  It’s good company.

2 thoughts on “Pull Up a Chair

    1. Thanks Jaime! That’s such an encouragement to me. I must apologize for my delayed response. I’ve been unplugged for much of the year. I’d love to hear from you next time you visit my little space on the web! Just to drop a quick hello. Come back soon

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