Discover Your Battle Cry!

This is a battle cry.  The following words have been inspired by the #BattleReadyBook written by Kelly Balarie.  I am here.  It may not be fancy.  It may not wet your eyes with brilliant “me too” glory.  You may think I need to repent by the time that I’m finished.  And maybe I will.  But what if I spilled my guts anyway?  I mean what if I just poured out my story, exactly as it wants to fall out of me.  What would that look like?  Would you want to see all of that?  Well, I hope so.  Because here we go.

I’m here anyway.  That’s where it starts for me.

I’ve heard so many stories that sound better than mine.  These women seem braver and realer, and whatever the something else is that could be better than me.  You name it, I think it.  Do you feel that tension?  Do you recognize that pull toward the something ugly and competitive that lives deep inside me?  It’s called insecurity.  And the being here in this vast mass of anointed from heaven, stamped-by-God voices that are sure to surround me presses into me, face to face and butt up against that ugly inside me.  Hard.  It’s all around me.  The reflections of my own inadequacies are everywhere I look.

That is, when I’m all on my own.

But Jesus…

He changes the script.

So in spite of all that, I’m here.  I’m showing up and connecting.  I’m building others up, whether I see the benefits or not.  Which I totally do!  There’s a blessing in store for me to support someone else.  There always is.  The blessing is mine for the sharing of God’s wealth.  That’s how it works.  Can you believe that?  It’s true.

Whether I deserve it or not, I want it.  Whatever God has for me.  Because it’s there for the taking.  It’s there for the receiving.  I don’t want to miss what He has for me anymore.  That’s what I was doing before when I counted myself out, before I even stepped out.  Why not try something different now?  Why not come out to play with everyone else- win or lose- cause I can’t lose?  I get to put my voice out there, within the mix of the masses.  I can let it out, for whatever it is.  It can count!

This is me showing up, and reaching out.  For whatever God has.  All of it.  For myself and the others that I get to champion.  What an honor!  I’m taking hold of the victory that was won for me at cavalry.  We are.  This battle belongs to the Lord Almighty.  He’s the King of kings and the Lord of lords.  I’m on the winning team!

My enemy may try to get in my head.  He talks a big game.  But that’s cause he’s scared.  I do not battle all alone.  I march out with an army.  This enemy has discounted me for far too long.  This showing up is me- and ALL my Battle Ready sisters- rising up!  Together.  We are a mighty army.  A force to be reckoned with.  It’s time that our enemy fear US.

We’ve got business to do!

What I’m doing here, these declarations about what God has for me- and not just everyone else- this isn’t natural for me.  I have to  push back against the voices that tell me nobody cares what I have to say, that I’m too this or too that.  This is me, pushing back.  WITH all of you.  It’s us!  WE are the push back that the enemy fears.  Just showing up is how that happens.

Good stuff is for others, but it’s for me too.  And I don’t know if you know this, my friends.  But the same is true for you.

#BattleReadyBook by Kelly Balarie is full of resources to help you discover your very own battle cry.  It’s available for purchase at  And make sure you visit for your free Battle Ready bonuses!!

The Blessing of Being Battle Ready

I know what it’s like to feel trapped by the limitations I build in my own mind. I’m discovering that the cure for that is stepping out. And our trials are the key. #BattleReadyBook by Kelly Balarie has challenged me to trust God’s heart, and let faith lead my way in the dark.


TITLE: The Blessing of Being Battle Ready

By: Kelly Balarie


I was in the waiting room for the MRI. All that was going through my mind was thoughts of, This is horrible. I am never going to survive. I am not going to be able to walk. There is no way out of this. I will be scared to death in that loud machine. I hate needles and they’ll put one in me.


All I could see there was me. It was me and my problems. Me and my trauma. Me and all the horrible pain that was ahead of me.


Add this to the fact that I was a new mom. My kid had been up screaming all night long. I had been pacing the hallway with him. I had been the one trying to hug him all day long as he screamed his head off. I think he had acid reflux.


I also had a mole that needed to be taken off my chest. We didn’t know if it was cancerous. The doctor gauged my chest. The scar still remains.


Did anyone ever tell you that we have an enemy that roams around like a sneaky, conniving villain in the night, searching out ways to steal, kill and destroy?


He’s likely come after you.


But, may I tell you? Battle Ready women, built up in the Lord, strong in their mind – those who renew their thoughts – know something that others don’t.

They know: It doesn’t matter what the enemy does; It matters what Jesus did.


You see, above our problems, our mayhem, our issues, our dents and dings of life, is a victorious King who reigns and rules. He sees everything. He knows our every tear. He sees our every way. He is a help in a time of trouble. He is our refuge and our strength. He is our way and our life.


He is Overcomer. He is Victorious. He is equipping us with all we need to fight the good fight today. We are not crushed, ruined or abandoned, we are raised up with Christ Jesus in the heavenlies.

Jesus brings resurrection life no matter what situation we’re in. Battle Ready women are not driven by their wide-ranging emotions but by heartfelt dedication to God’s truth, His promises and His purposes. This changes everything.


Rather than seeing the issue, they see the Provider. Rather than seeing the MRI, they begin to see the other woman in the room that they can minister to. This happened to me. I lifted my head there and got to know a woman with bone cancer. She was in so much pain. I prayed for her before she went into her MRI. I told her about Jesus.


Battle Ready women do the awesome and amazing work of God. They let not their issues hold them back. They’re all in. They go for it.


Are you Battle Ready? Are you ready to let peace, passion, life and freedom take over?

Come join me.



About Battle Ready: Train Your Mind to Conquer Challenges, Defeat Doubt & Live Victoriously


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Battle Ready is a hands-on scriptural plan that teaches you twelve easy-to-implement, confidence-building mind-sets designed to transform your thoughts and, therefore, your life. You’ll gain practical wisdom, like how to

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· exchange self-limiting thoughts for purpose-driven, love-releasing thoughts
· implement thirty-second mind-lifters that deliver peace
· create boundaries so you live life full of what matters


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Kelly Balarie, an author and national speaker, is on a mission to encourage others not to give up. Through times of extreme testing, Kelly believes there is hope for every woman, every battle and in every circumstance. She shares this hope on her blog, Purposeful Faith, and on many writing publications such as Relevant, Crosswalk, and Today’s Christian Woman. Kelly’s work has been featured on The Today Show, 700 Club Interactive, Moody Radio and other television and radio broadcasts. When Kelly is not writing, she is chilling at the beach with her husband, a latte, and 2-toddlers who rightfully demand she build them awesome castles.

Recruiting Season!

I recently discovered something I don’t do as well as I should. I think it’s one of those things that will really enrich my life if I practice more of it. I think you’ll agree. Are you curious?

It turns outs out I’m so addicted to checking things off my list, that too often I fail to take pause for celebrating wins. Which is sad.

When I take inventory, I see a lot of milestone moments that haven’t gotten the recognition they were due. There were risks I took to follow God’s lead into new and blossoming friendships. Others were less noticeable, and maybe more personal to me, but just as significant. Many times, these are the journeys that happen in books. A book is an adventure that happens inside me. It’s my favorite kind!

Last summer,  I went on an adventure with Kelly Balarie called “Fear Fighting.” It totally changed the course of my life. It was one of those God appointments. You know, when everything syncs up at that perfect timing for you to hear just what He’s saying to you in that specific moment. You know there’s a reason, so you listen up. And I did.

If you don’t know about Kelly Balarie, believe me. You need to. She’s awesome! You’ll love her. Now that you know that, you must know the very latest, this just in, thing.  Kelly has a new book coming out THIS summer!! You don’t want to miss this adventure my friends. It WILL change your life. She’s doing all sorts of giveaways and fun stuff for pre-orders because she wants to bless you friends! So don’t miss out on the #BattleReadyBook by @KellyBalarie to be released July 3rd. And don’t forget to claim your bonuses for pre-order at

I really want you to come along with me. It’s going to change the way you see the world you live in. I promise. Kelly is super relatable and fresh. I’m so excited to see where God leads from here! And anything good is always better with friends. That’s why I’m saving you a seat, right next to me!!

See you there.