Where do I Fit in?

"Be more specific." All the experts say it. They imply that belonging is a matter of finding people like you. I don't buy it. I'm the ambassador for square pegs in a world full of round holes. I know what it is not to fit. And I desire more than anything the promised solidarity these … Continue reading Where do I Fit in?

Discover Your Battle Cry!

This is a battle cry.  The following words have been inspired by the #BattleReadyBook written by Kelly Balarie.  I am here.  It may not be fancy.  It may not wet your eyes with brilliant "me too" glory.  You may think I need to repent by the time that I'm finished.  And maybe I will.  But … Continue reading Discover Your Battle Cry!

How Do You Take Cover?

Security.  Confidence.  They're heavy words.  It's difficult to spill words onto a page without forcing them into a usable mold.  But I know that's exactly what this practice is about.  It's the necessity for a space to simply exist.  As I am.  As you are.  Without effort.  Or analysis.  And editing.  Which I'm already doing. … Continue reading How Do You Take Cover?