What to Do When You’re Stuck

I generally create and engage SEPARATELY. They're two different modes for me. One or the other. Never together. Here's the problem: One can't thrive without the other. When I attempt to create without engagement, I lack stimulation. My work becomes stale and uninspired. But engagement falls flat when I lack fresh creative fuel. I become … Continue reading What to Do When You’re Stuck

How to Binge Like a Boss!

I binge a lot. I'm thinking of my niece. She's a lot like me, and I learn a lot from her. By just watching and paying attention, I better understand myself. By the time I show up and get into something, it's over. I need more space. More time to get there. It's just how … Continue reading How to Binge Like a Boss!

How to Do a New Thing

About 5 years ago, I survived a very dark night that saved my life. That's a story for another time. But the following Sunday, I darkened the doorstep of my local church. It was a homecoming for me. You see, I was the backslidden Christian. I was desperate. I say these things because it was … Continue reading How to Do a New Thing